If the purchased item is found to have manufacturing defects or is not as described, please follow the following procedure complaint:

No later than 14 days after delivery send us an e-mail with information about the advertised product, stating the reason for the return. We will inform you about the next steps.

If the complaint is found to be unjustified, we will give you a detailed justification for the decision and within 14 working days we will send at our expense advertised product.

Returning Items

In accordance with applicable regulations, within 10 calendar days from the date of delivery of ordered goods, you have the right to reimburse him without giving a reason within the withdrawal, according to the general principles deriving from the provisions on the conclusion of distance. This only applies to consumer sales, and therefore applies only to the sale of a natural person who is purchasing for the purpose not of a professional or commercial activity.

The returned product can not bear traces of use - each item must be complete and pre-packed goods supplied in the original packaging intact. In the case of non-compliance with this condition, the product will not be accepted.

If you want to return or exchange the product:

1. Send an email first to: 

Return the purchased product undamaged and in the original packaging together with the receipt or invoice and all its contents to the following address:

Lola Luna Sarl
315 Montee du Valadas
Sentier de la rouvine
30133 Les angles

Join the shipment written statement in which you include the desire to return the product, as well as the account number, which will be forwarded to a refund. (If you selected electronic payment, there will be a return to the account of the sender)
Within 3 working days of receipt of your shipment, check the condition of the returned product (or no signs of use, whether it has been damaged or destroyed, it is in its original packaging with all its contents).
If you do not note the contrary, afte send information to grant the return of the product. On the attached account number within 7 days refund will be made. In the case of credit card payments will be made refund to the card.

If your return of the product will be rejected (due to damage to the product or signs of use), we will give you at the email address indicated information about the non-acceptance of the return of the product. Within 7 working days to the designated return address we will send the product, covering the cost of shipping.