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Clothing Lola Luna was designed for the perfect duet ... - tempting mini strings and mini dresses / tunics, lace or crocheted tops. The colors usually black or white, cream. Each model is very artistic and fancy, exposing the female body.


Skirt | Dress

Lola Luna dresses are very short and sensual. Some can be worn as a tunic. Crochet and lace skirts made of high quality materials. They fit perfectly on underwear Lola Luna!

Shirt | Top

Lace blouses, crocheted tops. Unique design for special moments. Matched to Lola Luna strings.

Short Wool dress. 35% wool Can also be worn as a long pullover

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Lovely handmade crochet, bolero-style top in white with very unique and beautiful pattern. A sexy addition with any classic Lola Luna g-string or worn over a sexy bra.

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Lace top Victoria made in a wonderful red and black embroidered tulle. Elegant jewel detail on shoulder straps with lace trimmed hem. SIZE GUIDE

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Gorgeous sheer night dress trimmed in red Calais lace. Elegant jewel detail on shoulder straps with lace trimmed hem. Coordinates with Victoria strings: micro, open and classic. SIZE GUIDE

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Very short all stretch lace mini skirt Lily Lola Luna.Laced in the back.

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